AV1485 4GHz Synthesized Signal Generator    
The frequency range of the AV1485 RF synthesized signal generator is from 250 kHz to 4GHz. It features very fine frequency resolution, high accuracy and excellent spectral purity. Built in modulations include amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, pulse modulation, etc. Step sweeping and list sweeping provide flexible digital sweep functions, which can be used to control over output frequency and power.

o Wide frequency coverage o Excellent spectral purity
o Extremely high power accuracy o Sweep modes: step, list
o Built-in modulation signal generator o GPIB remote control function

Frequency range 250kHz~4GHz time-base aging rate 1x10-9/Day
Frequency resolution 10mHz output power range +7dB~-136dBm
Power accuracy
250k~2GHz: ±0.5dB 2GHz~4GHz: ±0.9dB
Spectral purity harmonics source (power output≤+4dBm): <-30dB
non-harmonics ( source power output≤+7dBm ,frequency deviation >3kHz): <-53dB
SSB phase noise: <-116dB/Hz(1GHz carrier,frequency deviation 20kHz ,typical)
Max. frequency deviation:
phase modulation Max. Offset: Nx4 radian
3dB bandwidth: DC~100kHz
Amplitude modulation
range: 0~100% pulse modulation on/off ratio: >60dB
3dB bandwidth: DC~10kHz rise/fall time: <150ns typical
Operating temperature 0°C ~40°C
Dimensions: DxWxH =500x440x133(mm) weight: Approx.19.5kg
GPIB port provide connection between equipment and remote control function
Options 1. 130dB mechanical step attenuator
2. internal modulation signal generator