TD5A-WS table low speed centrifuge


  • Computer controlling, the frequency conversion of direct current adjusting the speed
  • Direct current and no brushed electrical machinery, no dust pollution
  • Multi-functional large capacity rotor, convenient for users to select
Model TD5A-WS
Max speed 5000r/min
Max RCF 4390xg
No1 Swing Rotor 12x10ml (5000r/min) RCF:3500xg
No2 Swing Rotor 148x7ml (4000r/min) RCF:3000xg
No3 Swing Rotor 4x250ml (4000r/min) RCF:3000xg
No4 Swing Rotor 4x50ml (5000r/min) RCF:4390xg
8x50ml (4000r/min) RCF:2800xg
32x15ml (4000r/min) RCF:2810xg
72x7ml (4000r/min) RCF:2800xg
Motor No Brush DC Motor
Time Range 0~99min
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ 6A
Dimension 450x510x430 mm(LxWxH)
Weight 40kg
Note: The 3rd horizontal rotor can be made according to user's demands.