TDZ4 low speed automatic balancing centrifuge


Table top low-speed automatic balancing centrifuges have many serials to meet the different needs. The TDZ4-WS, TDZ4A, TDZ4B with computer controlled and no brush electrical machinery touch panels will satisfy advanced users. TDZ4, TDZ4C and TD3( 800B) with suitable price and steady performance.
The TDZ4 series centrifuges are the indispensable laboratory apparatus for all levels of the R&D institutions, hospitals, and high education institutions

Model TDZ4-WS TDZ4
Max speed 4000 r/min
Angle  Rotor 1810ml
Max RCF 2200g
Control Computer controlling Simulation controlling
Motor No brush, DC Motor DC Motor
Time Range 0~99min 0~60min
Power Supply AC220V  50HZ  3A
Dimension 320365280mm
Weight 18kg 15kg