TG12M, TD4XD Capillary Blood Centrifuges

TG12M Specifications

    TG12M capillary blood centrifuge can be used to determine the sepecific product value of blood cell and separate the micro- blood form micro- solution.


Model TG12M
Max Speed 12000 r/min
Rotor Capacity 24 Pieces of capillary
Time Range 0~99min
Motor No brush, DC Motor
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 2A
Dimension 240x260x250mm(LxWxH)
Weight 12kg
TD4XD Specifications
Microcontroller controlled, digital display, brushless motor, programmable, auto computing and setting of RCF, door lock, over speed protection.

Model TD4XD
Max Speed 4000 r/min
Max RCF 1800g
Rotors 12x1.5ml (4000r/min)
12x0.5ml (4000r/min)
12x2ml (4000r/min)
Swing Angle Rotor 12x7ml (4000r/min)
Time Range 0~99min
Dimension 330x420x275mm(LxWxH)