E9060 laser engraving and cutting machine

1. Streamlined design
2. Ease of loading and unloading.
3. USB connection
4. LCD operation panel
5. Inside illumination
6. Safe sealing

Engraving for crafts, woodworks, badges, nameplates, portraits, glass, leather, etc.

Engraving area: 900x600mm
Laser power: 60W

External dimension: 210017501120mm
Net weight: 250kg
Power consumption: <1500W
Laser Tube Type: Sealed-off CO2 Lasers ,Cooling water, 10.6m
Laser Capability Control: 1~100% by software
Engraving speed: 0~1200mm/s
Resolution: <0.025mm
Mini character size: 11mm
Engraving Depth: 0~20mm
Highest scanning precision: 0.025mm(1200dpi)
Power supply: AC220V10% 50Hz
Operating temperature : 0~45C

Image formats supported: BMP
Auxiliary equipments: Exhaust-fans. Air-exhaust pipe
Operating humidity: 5%~95%
CCD Resolution: 1.3X107--3.2x107 PIXELS

Work samples