M50 50W YAG Laser Marker

YAG laser marker is a solid laser machine with wavelength 1064nm, belonging to the infrared frequency band. The YAG laser marker utilizes the latest laser technology. It is highly efficient, extremely stable, and possesses high output power. The laser uses a krypton lamp as its enery source.

1. High output power and software controlled.
2. Marking <0.3mm
3. Uses mirror scan system for high speed and precision and stable performance
4. Sophisticated software
5. Low cost of usage, no ink consumption

Can mark on all metals and some non-metals. Applications include electronic devices, integrated circuits, electric appliances, mobile phones, hardware, tool fitting, precision instruments, clocks and watches, automobile fitting, pressed key, building materials, PVC tubing, and medical instruments.

Max laser power: 50W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Laser repeat frequency: 30KHZ
Working space: 70*70mm, 110*110mm, 200*200mm
Marking depth: <0.3mm
Marking line speed: <7000mm/s
Mini line width: 0.018
Mini character: 0.3mm
Repeat precision: +0.01mm
Power consumption: 5KW
Power supply: 220V AC/50HZ/19A
Machine dimensions: optics system: 1700mm*190mm*260mm/
cooling system: 650mm*310mm*665mm/
controlling system: 655mm*555mm*775mm

Work Samples