Orbital Shaker (ZD-9556) 
Stepless speed regulation: 30-200 rpm
Display: digital
Shaker: orbital
Shaking displacement: 0.4 in.  
New improved model

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The heavy duty rocker that keeps going and going and going...

Heavy-Duty 24hr/7 day operation
5 Year Warranty
EXTRA LARGE 16x12Ħħ stainless steel platform Adjustable speed and angle
Cold room & Incubator safe
When your tissue culture and molecular bio labs are conducting staining/de-staining, immunoblotting, filter washing or hybridizations, the Everlast 247 is a next generation rocker designed to provide the proper 2D washing and agitation for gels and membranes. For the most reliable every day, 24/7 performance, the Everlast is the ideal choice for your most demanding labs.

Sale Price: $895.00

Horizontal Receptacle Shaker (ZD-8800)  
Stepless speed regulation: 35-202 rpm
Display: digital
Shaker: reciprocate
Shaking displacement: 1.18 in .                                         Please click to see the details.

Sale Price: $750.00

Rocking Shaker (ZD-9550)   
Stepless speed regulation: 20-65 rpm
Display: digital
Shaker: rocking
Shaking displacement: 0.8 in.                                             Please click to see the details.

Sale Price: $324.00

Wave Shaker (ZD-9558)   
Stepless speed regulation: 20-70 rpm
Display: No
Shaker: wave
Angle: horizontal to 15°C adjustable
Plate size: 280x280 mm
Unit dimension: 280x310x220mm    

Sale Price: $595.00

Rotation Mixer(WH-986)   
Rotating and shaking, choices of tools, can be put into culture box, suggested temprature 0~38°C
Rotation: 5 rpm
Shaking angle: adjustable
Accessories: 1.5ml tubes, optional others
Unit dimension: 360x120x150mm

Sale Price: $240.00

Tube Rotator (WH-962)
Stepless speed regulation: 0-250 rpm
Display: digital
Platform: rotor body 350 mm, 20mlX100
Angle of elevation: 30 degree to horizontal.                       Please click to see the details.

Sale Price: $475.00

Hot Plate(HB-2000)   
Temprature: 0~70°C
Temperature precision: ≤ ±0.5°C
Display: LED
Plate size: 320x245mm
Unit dimension: 320x265x160mm        

HZ-2211K Mini Constant Temperature Shaker
Rotational speed: 10~250r/min
Capacity: 300x30x210(mm)
Temperature range: room temperature ~60° C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5° C
Display: LED
Mode: orbital
Time range: 0 ~ 99.99hrs
Dimension: 520x30x350(mm)
Motor: No brush, DC motor
Sale Price: $1367.00

WH-861 Vortex Shaker
Rotational speed: 2400r/min
Speed: fixed
Operation: touching / continuous
Dimension: 130x70x155(mm)
Power: AC110V / 220V
User's manual
Sale Price: $198.00

WH-866 Adjustable Vortex Shaker
Rotational speed: 2400r/min
Speed: adjustable
Operation: continuous
Dimension: 130x70x155(mm)
Power: AC110V / 220V

HZ Series Steam Bath Shakers
Rotational speed: 10 ~ 250r/min, Max 400r/min
Speed: adjustable
Display: LED
Time range: 0 ~ 99.99hrs
Motor: 220V / 110V No brush DC24V 80W

Water Bath Constant Temperature Shaking Table   
Rotational speed 50~300r/min
Rmplitude: 30mm ~35mm
Capacity: 60x50ml or 40x60ml or 28x100ml
Cage chair size: 1000x200 mm
Temperature range: 5~50° C
Temperature difference: ±1° C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5° C
Computer controlled
Dimension 1350x80x200mm
More Water Bath Shakers

HZ-9613Y Oil Bath Constant Hight Temperature Shaker 
Shaker: orbital
Rotational speed 20 ~ 280r/min
Rmplitude: 30mm
Temperature range: normal~250°C
Disply: LED
Capacity: 410 x 340
Dimension 500x520x530mm
Motor: DC 24V no brush motor