Automatic Stencil Printer MD-ASP

  • Stencil printing for IC pitch to 0.3mm
  • X , Y , Z , θ adjusted in software
  • Up and down PCB to stencil engagement
  • High precision
  • Easy stencil mounting
  • Vision automatic alignment of PCB to stencil

Technical Parameters
  • Machine Dimensions: 740mm x 500mm x 250mm
  • Adjustment Range: X: ±10mm , Y: ±10mm , Z: ±30mm , θ: ±15°
  • Adjust precision: 0.01mm
  • Repeat error: 0.03mm
  • Max Stencil size: 360mm x 260mm
  • Max PCB size: 300mm x 220mm

  • Computer
  • Stencil and pick place machine combo

Made in USA