CXE Series CE List Price
Part NO. Compound Microscope (Elementary Education) USD
5121090 Monocular tube, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable
Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x/18mm, with pointer and eye guard
Quadruple Nosepiece (Ball bearing type)
EP series DIN, Semi Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (SL)
Stage plate size 125 x 120mm
Sub-stage disc diaphragm with condenser NA 0.65
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control
Illumination system 6V/10W Halogen with intensity regulator.
Power Input 10V AC
Packed in moulded styrofoam box, with operation manual, allen wrench,
dust cover and cleaning cloth
5121045 Same as 5121090 but with 6V/10W Halogan with 220V input 260.00
5121054 Same as 5121090 but with 5W CFL cool light with 110V AC input 260.00
5121055 Same as 5121090 but with 5W CFL cool light with 220V AC input 260.00
5121063 Same as 5121090 but with LED and with 9V battery (Cordless version) 290.00
5121081 Same as 5121090 but with 12V/20W Halogan with Universal Power Supply (110-240V) 270.00
5121072 Same as 5121090 but with Reflector mirror at base for illumination 220.00
Optional Accessories & Spares
3120012 10x/18mm wide field eyepiece with pointer and eye guard 44.00
512086-600 Mechanical Stage 24.00
512086-170 Cord Hanger Kit 10.00
5121012 Mono Observation Head 44.00
5122005 EP series DIN 4x Semi Plan Achromat Objective 18.00
5122010 EP series DIN 10x Semi Plan Achromat Objective 22.00
5122040 EP series DIN 40x (SL) Semi Plan Archromat Objective 30.00
5122100 EP series 100x (SL, Oil) Semi Plan Archromat Objective 44.00
ST-406 5W CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) 8.00
ARF-003 Mirror attachment for Daylight illumination 10.00
EL-502 Halogan Bulb 6V/10W 8.00
312086-112 Halogan Bulb 12V/20W 8.00
512086-703 White LED 6.00
PK-030 Lens Cleaning Tissue (Box of 100 Tissue papers) 2.00
PK-035 Immersion Oil 10ml 6.00
EL-445 Fuse 1.0 Amp 2.00
312086-118 Fuse 2.5 Amp 2.00
PKC-015 Soft Carrying Case (Inner Dimemsions 16'' x 13'' x 10'') 80.00
PKC-020 Dust Cover 6.00