Digizoom CE List Price
Part NO. Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope USD
4122500 Dual light stable stand with Ball bearing focusing controls
45° inclined Binocular tube, IPD 54-75mm with built-in camera with grab
card, Camera resolution 350k pixel on USB and 470TVL (NTSC)/570 TVL(PAL)
Live/Still imager resolution
720 x 576 pixels (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)

Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x/22mm focusable paired with eye guards
Zoom Pod 1:4 with lateral control knobs
Built-in Illumination system 12V - 20W Halogen incident light and
sub-stage 12V - 10W halogen transmitted light.
Universal power supply (110V-240V) as per UL, CE standards
Imaging software DigiPro™ version 4.0 for Image Capturing, Processing,
Measurement, Features include Binder files, Custom Reports, Time Lapse capturing etc,
Packed in moulded styrofoam box, with operation manual, dust cover, cleaning cloth,
USB Cable, composite Video cable and imaging software CD-ROM
Communication Protocol: USB v2.0, Composite Video output

Optional Accessories & Spares
4122090 Digizoom Pod with external power supply 1460.00
CAL-210 Calibration Slide for Stereo Microscopes 28.00
PK-030 Lens Cleaning Tissue (Box of 100 Tissue papers) 2.00
EL 502 Halogen Bulb 12V - 10W 8.00
412086-510 Halogen Bulb (reflector type) 12V - 20W 10.00
EL-004 Power Cord 110V with North American Plug (6 Ft.) 4.00
312086-119 Power Cord 220V with Schuko Plug (6 Ft.) 4.00
EL-003 Power Cord 220V with UK Plug (6 Ft.) 6.00
EL-013 Power Cord 220V with B5-546 Plug (Indian plug) (6 Ft.) 4.00
312086-118 Fuse 2.5 Amp 2.00
PKC-016 Soft Carrying Case (Inner Dimemsions 20.5'' x 15.5'' x 10'') 96.00
PK-020 Dust Cover 6.00