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MD-R330 Tabletop IR+Convection Reflow Oven

Three top heating zones. Max. PCB width 300mm, power consumption 3KW, IR+convection(IR generated hot air).
Easy to operate, small but can make excellent PCB's.
Through put 5-8 minutes.

This is a very simple to use yet reliable and easy to maintain reflow oven. It can be used for regular SMT parts as well as BGA's.

No computer connection. Everything is controlled on the front panel: 3 zone temperatures and conveyor speed all can be adjusted separately.


See user's manual for details.
Small and Medium Sized Reflow Ovens
Model Heat mode Heating zones(up/down) Max PCB width Heating Zone Length Computer Weight(Kg)
MD-R330 IR+convection 3(3/0), 5KW, 1.8KW, 220V, single phase 280mm 860mm NO 160
MD-RF430, MD-RF430W IR+convection 4(4/0), 6.5KW, 2.2KW, 220V, single phase 280mm 950mm NO 200
MD-F630 Full convection 6(3/3), 9KW, 3KW, 220V, single phase 280mm 1150mm NO
MD-F630-C Full convection 6(3/3), 9KW, 3KW, 220V, single phase 280mm 1150mm YES 260
MD-F4400 Full convection 8(4/4), 12KW, 3KW, 220V, single phase 300mm 1200mm Computer or Panel control 400
Customer oven width: 400mm,600mm
Temperature(all models) up to 300°C
Entrance clearance 25mm
Conveyor moving speed(all models) 0 to 2000mm/min
Power supply(all models) 220V, single phase, 50/60Hz, 3 phase models can be ordered

MD-RF430. Four heating zones on top, conveyor width 300mm, 4KW power, with mesh conveyor, panel control, convection fans on top and cooling fans at exit.
In stock for immediate delivery
Also available 400mm conveyor width


(6 Heating Zone Lead-Free Reflow Oven with computer control)

(6 Heating Zone Lead-Free Reflow Oven with front panel control)

4 top, 4 bottom heating zones, computer or panel control
Oven dimension: 108"x27"x46"

6 top, 6 bottom heating zones, computer control

MD-7700 14 Zone Reflow Oven

MD-8800 16 Zone Reflow Oven