Madell CT-858 3-in-1 Rework Station


l          Voltage of Power supply: 11010%V AC 50Hz/60Hz

l          Consumption of Power- Power of pump: 20W/110V AC
                                      Power of heater: 250w/110V AC 

l          Form of Air Pump: Diaphragm pump

l          Range of temperature: 110C~420C

l          Air Flow: 0.3-24L/ min, step-less adjustment


l          Safe electrostatic proof design avoids damage to PCB board

l          No need to touch the weld, which avoids hot wave and removal of parts

l          Airflow and temperature adjustable in large-scale

l          Japenese heater nozzle

l          Auto-cooling system works within one minute of powering off, prolonging the     life of the heating core and handle.


Madell QK702ESD 3-in-1 Rework Station


This is 3-in-1 rework station includes a hot air gun, a soldering iron and a desoldering gun.


l          Power consumption:520W.

l          Soldering iron temperature: 200°C-480°C.

l          Hotair guy temperature:150°C-500°C.

l          Hotair guy pump: diaphragm, 24L/min.

l          Desoldering gun temperature: 320°C-480°C.

l         Desoldering gun pump: diaphragm, 1.5L/miin.

l         Four hot air nozzles included, A1124, A1125, A1126, A1130.

l         110V power supply. 220V model also available.

Madell QK713ESD 3-in-1 Rework Station

l Easy-to-use password locking function.
lTemperature adjustable by buttons, with auto-sleep and shut-off function.
l Digital temperature calibration.
l Suction pen inside hot air handle.
l Brushless fan, adjustable, stepless, with wide range of air volume, suitable for various occasions.
l Large air volume cooling function with long lifetime heating element. The hot air handle is protected.
l Built-in vacuum pump, powerful suction, with no need for external vacuum system.
l Closed loop of sensor, precise temperature.
l Light handle is comfortable for use.


Soldering part
Power consumption 60W
Temperature range 200°C-480°C
Sleeping temperature range 50°C -250°C
Sleeping time range 1-150min
Temperature stability ±2°C (stationary air, no load)
Ambient temperature(Max) 40°C
Tip to ground resistance < 2 ohm

Hot air part
Power consumption 1000W
Temperature range 100°C-500°C
Air volume 1-120L/min
Ambient temperature(Max) 40°C
Temperature stability ±2°C (stationary air, no load)

De-soldering part
Heating power 90W
Nozzle temperature 200°C- 480°C
Pump Diaphragm
Vacuum pressure 600mmHG
Sleeping time range 1-150min

Hot air nozzles and solder iron tips can be purchased here.