Price: $125.00
(8502C with two nozzles)

Price: $195.00

(8502C with 8 Nozzles)

Combined tool for both through hole and surface mount components.

l          2 in 1 digital lead-free rework station

l          Dual LED display, one for soldering part and another for rework part

l          PID temperature controlling circuit makes a more precise temperature readout

l          Equipped with stainless steel heater, withi increased life span and heat up speed

l          Hot air temperature: 100°C to 480°C

l          Solder iron tip temperature: 200°C to 480°C

l          Airflow 23 L/min (max)

l          Power consumption: 450W(Max)

l          Fault Detection

l          110V power supply, 220V models available at same price

l          Accepts popular 20mm diameter hot air nozzles

Hot air nozzles and solder iron tips can be purchased here.

Replacement Heating Elements
Part Number Description Specifications
1144 Heating element 110V/250W
1146 Heating element 220~240V/250W
1144A+ Heating element 110V/250W
1146A+ Heating element 220~240V/250W