PCB Frames

Precision machined PCB frame, $145.00
Max PCB size: 13.5"x8"
Price: $145.00

(QKXYFRAME) Precision Fine Adjustment PCB Frame (New Item)

List Price: $1245.00
Sale Price: $845.00

This Precise Fine adjustment PCB frame is used as a free-standing X-Y precision positioning stage. It also has an slider in which it move to the desidered width of your PCB board. Base size: 27"(X-Axis) x 12" (Y-Axis) It has two option of holding the PCB board.

  •  Mounting holes for the PCB board         
  • Support holder for the PCB board         

JV-002 XY Table

The JV-002 PCB X-Y Table enables efficient Reworking of electronic printed circuit boards.
Max PCB Size :13 3/4" x 17 3/4"

Price: $255.00

Extra Large PCB Frame

Max circuit board sizes:
Large frame: 17"x12", height 3"

Exrta Large size: $119.00

Large PCB Frame

Fixture used to hold a PCB board. Adjustable to suit differenct PCB sizes.
Max circuit board sizes:
Large frame: 10"x13", height 4

Large size: $79.00

Small PCB Frame

Small frame: 5"x6", height 4"

Small size: $65.00